IMG_20180311_090215_225.jpgSo today marked the 10th week that I’ve been following a healthier diet and lifestyle. I read somewhere that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, and I’m glad that I’ve sailed beyond the 66 days mark smoothly and persistently.

I’d never actually paid close attention to my daily intake of different food groups until I stumbled on a government website the other night. Until then did I realise that sometimes I’d consumed way beyond the daily recommended fruit intake and quite a limited range of veggies. I’d been always proud of myself for growing up in an Asian family and getting used to eating way more greens than many other Aussies. But that is still not enough.

So what did I do to change my eating habit?

Packing my own lunch instead of utilising my mum’s leftover cooking from previous night.

Experimenting different cuisines and cooking methods so I could reach out to a more variety of veggies.

Making sure that I eat a rainbow color of veggies with different veggies groups (legumes, green leaf, starchy veggies, etc) every week.

Go for wholemeal and wholegrain whenever possible. Drink plenty of water. Buy a reusable coffee cup for tea every morning. Being lactose intolerant is not always bad, I got a legit reason to stay away from icecream and sweet treats.

And I’d never known before that how small 1 serving of carbs is (Only 1/2 cup of cooked rice/pasta). I’ve never eaten enough carbs any way but good to know though.

And I’ve been training almost every day. This week I’m up to 3 x resistance training, 2 x power walk on treadmill, 1 x sprinting and 1 x stretching/foam rolling.

Feel so good and my skin pores shrunk to a certain extent (or is it just me trying to reassuring myself I don’t know). I mean I am 27 and my skin can’t be at its best compared to the early 20s. Religiously following a strict skincare routine does maintain my skin’s clarity but the result from a more healthy eating habit and regular training does wow me quite a bit.


A few weeks ago I was under gastrocopy and colonoscopy procedure as a private patient. Then last Monday I was in a surgical follow through with a patient undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy (it was a pure coincidence with no preference arrangement). And the following day I came to the ward beginning my 2-week placement without knowing I was placed in a colorectal surgical ward. Everything sort of fell into place for me.


As I was saying goodbye and hugging everyone this arvo, the ward CNE and staff told me to apply for this ward after graduation. Yesterday the CNE sort of informally offered me the position right in my morning tea break in the staff room… and I gladly told her I would love to come back if a position was in fact made available for me.


As you may or may not know, I quit my job early this year to go back to study. I received a scholarship from NSW Health for Diploma of Enrolled Nursing program. This is a full scholarship that comes with an employment offer at NSW public hospital. In other words, you’re pretty much guaranteed a position after you graduate. You don’t have to compete with other people from TAFE and throughout your study, you’ll be trained to be job-ready. You’re required to complete 840 hours of clinical placement in a 14-month study period, which is equivalent to the clinical hours requirement of a 3-year-bachelor degree.

If you’re interested, here is the link for 2018 program


The ward CNE answered all of my questions with her broad knowledge and excellent explanations. She also questioned me back to test my knowledge, and some of them I honestly told her I did not know the answer. She congratulated me for having good teachers because I was taught the right thing. She also gave me some insights about which uni I should go for.

Good talk with a super duper amazing lady. This is the ward I want to be in.